August 2014 Personal Injury News

Personal injury can occur as a result of a vehicle accident, unsafe premises, practices defective products, and more. Learn more about the current events in local personal injury news in this summary…

Local Lawsuits

A suit filed in the U.S. District Court alleges that inmates of the Franklin County jail in the Tri-Cities are subjected to inhumane and even barbaric practices. The lawsuit, which was filed by Columbia Legal Services after an investigation into inmate complaints and the possibility of rights violations, lists inhumane practices against mentally ill inmates. Allegedly, these inmates have been chained to a fence for days, forced into isolation, and pepper-sprayed for no reason. Columbia Legal Services is requesting a temporary restraining order to stop the practices until further investigation can be completed.

Nancy Williams, a 53-year-old woman from Maple Valley, has filed a discrimination lawsuit against Microsoft. Williams claims that she received differential treatment and suffered discrimination and a hostile work environment because of her gender, race and age.

The $15 per hour minimum wage lawsuit mentioned in last month’s personal injury news summary continues to attract media attention. Franchisees contest the new minimum wage law, stating that it harms franchisees and puts them at a competitive disadvantage.

Product Recall

Apparel retailer L.L. Bean recently posted a recall and repair notice for their Fisherman’s and Open Stitch children’s sweater lines. The spare button on the inside seam of the sweaters poses a choking hazard to small children. L.L. Bean recommends that consumers detach the spare button immediately to remove the hazard. For more information, contact L.L. Bean at 1-800-555-9717, or visit the retailer’s website.

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