Common Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents are the root of a large number of personal injury cases. While you cannot control the other drivers on the road, you can be aware of some common scenarios and situations where car accidents often occur, so that you can avoid them. Aside from the top three – speeding, distraction, and driving while impaired – these are some of the most common causes of car accidents:

Lane Change: In many cases where a lane change car accident might have occurred, drivers actually experience getting cut off. If you’re the one changing lanes, it’s critical to always check all mirrors, look to check your blind spot(s), and turn on your turn signal before you do so. When other drivers attempt to merge into your lane – especially if it seems like they don’t see you – drive defensively to avoid collision. Stay alert and always expect the unexpected from other drivers on the road.

Wave Through: When more than two vehicles are involved in a traffic crossing, disaster can often ensue because one driver is inevitably left out of the communication between the other two. One prime example of this is ‘wave through’ cases, where a driver is attempting to turn left across two lanes of stopped cars. An accident could occur when one of the drivers of the stopped car lanes waves the turning vehicle through the intersection, while a third car in the other lane continues through the intersection and collides with the turning vehicle.

Following Close: Rear-endings often happen when you are following too closely to the car in front of you. Sometimes, the driver might stop suddenly or slow down for something ahead, and if you’re following too closely or not alert to the change in speed, you might cause an accident. Without proper following distance between you and the car ahead, you don’t have enough time to react appropriately or safely to a change in traffic conditions or a sudden action by the driver in front of you. Slow down and create enough distance to avoid car accidents.

If you can avoid these common causes of car accidents by being alert and driving defensively, you can also reduce your risk of personal injury and/or causing injury to others. Drive safely!

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