December 2014 Personal Injury News  

Here are a few notable news stories that have a potential impact on personal injury cases around the country:

Wearable Tech Comes into the Courtroom

Devices like FitBits and Nike FuelBands are cropping up everywhere, but they may not be useful for other than monitoring your fitness. A lawsuit in Calgary recently brought activity data into a personal injury case concerning a personal trainer. Her legal counsel used the data from the device as a baseline reference to demonstrate how her physical abilities were greatly affected after an injury compared to before she was hurt.

Though doctor testimony is commonly used for cases involving an injured person, it’s not always cumulative. Using data from these devices can document physical activity over a long period of time without extensive and undue testing and monitoring on the plaintiff’s part. However, insurance companies will likely want access to this data during legal battles as well, so expect to see this data on the side of the defendant in the future.

Snowfall Causes Personal Injury Cases to Spike

We just saw our first lingering snow in Seattle in eight years. Though snow is rare in our area, ice is common and that means slippery roadways.

The West Seattle Blog shared some photos and information on collisions on the eastbound bridge in late November. Because we don’t see snow very often, the potential for accidents is high due to inexperienced drivers or just very slick roadways. Snow stuck to the ground in Queen Anne for several days, so be cautious and monitor the weather forecasts before hopping in the car.

If you or a loved one is involved in a winter weather motor vehicle or pedestrian accident, don’t hesitate to contact the law offices of David S. Roth. We can help you get compensation for repairs, your medical bills, and for your injuries. Be safe this holiday season.

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