June 2014 Personal Injury News

The Offices of David S. Roth bring an important personal injury news brief, with updates on the aftermath of the Oso mudslide, a product recall that’s critical for summer, and more…

National Lawsuit

Eight former and current employees in Lexington, Kentucky have brought racial discrimination allegations against the United Parcel Service (UPS) in a lawsuit. The employees said they had been treated differently because of their race, received racist comments, and retaliated against after they complained. Additionally, the lawsuit mentions an incident where a UPS manager hung an effigy of a black UPS driver from the office ceiling for several days. A UPS spokeswoman said that the company believes that the allegations are unfounded.

Local Lawsuits

More than a dozen new legal claims have been filed on behalf of family members and victims of the Oso landslide, according to a news report from KING 5. The claims include wrongful death, destruction of property, and one claim for ‘outrage and negligent infliction of emotional distress.’ The legal claims were filed against the state of Washington and Snohomish County.

Perry Nelson, an entrepreneurial businessman who seeks to open a marijuana shop, filed a lawsuit against the city of Centralia for banning his prospective business. According to the suit, Nelson has been unable to get a license from the Liquor Control Board because Centralia is withholding building permits for his store. He claims the city’s moratorium on marijuana businesses is unconstitutional because licensed pot shops are legal in the state of Washington.

Product Recall

If you own a pool and use Trident sanitation systems, you may need to act on a critical product recall. The Trident Series 2 Ultraviolet Sanitation Systems for pools has been recalled because electrical arcing in the systems poses a potential fire hazard. As of the recall, nearly 40 reports of the systems’ melting or catching fire have been filed. If you have a Trident Series 2 Ultraviolet Sanitation System, please call 855-522-8200 (toll-free) from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, visit www.uvrecall.org or email assistance@uvrecall.org.


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