Category: Auto accidents

How to Avoid Common Car Collisions in Seattle

Unfortunately, automobile crashes are an everyday occurrence. Staying alert and being prepared are the best ways to prevent becoming involved in a car crash, but there are a few other things you can do to avoid common car collisions in Seattle: Sideswiping Narrow streets and drivers changing lanes without checking their blind spots can lead […]

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The Dangers of Good Samaritan Accidents

We’ve all been a traffic situation in which we’ve waved along another driver when we didn’t really need to. Whether it was because we were in a hurry and wanted to avoid an awkward non-verbal negotiation or were simply feeling generous, this simple act of selflessness could be dangerous and potentially lead to a serious […]

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What is The Law on Yielding in an Uncontrolled Intersection?

Scenario: You’re approaching an intersection in your vehicle, and the intersection does not have a traffic light, stop sign, or any other light or sign to control traffic. You notice that one or two other vehicles are traveling at about the same speed as you are, and you will probably reach the intersection at the […]

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