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"Three years ago on August 1, 2007, my car was hit in the driver's door by a delivery truck that ran a red light. My car was totaled, and I unfortunately sustained serious injuries including a traumatic head injury, cracked ribs, collapsed lungs, and a multiply fractured pelvis. I was hospitalized for several months, and it was several months more before I could return to work. It took years for me to fully recuperate, and in fact I may never really fully recuperate from this experience. I had the assistance of one of the best attorneys in Seattle throughout this entire experience and enjoyed the diligence, expertise, support and friendship of David Roth and his law office staff.

This July, through positive and friendly mediation at Washington Arbitration & Mediation Service, we reached a successful and mutually acceptable personal injury settlement with the other party's insurance company. Of course David received high praise for his preparation and presentation from our superb and congenial mediator."

— Mr. Peter Leahey

"From day one, you all were accommodating, professional, and I felt as if I could simply trust you with the case, relax, and go on with what I do. Yours will be the first number I will call if any situation like this were to arise again for myself, my family or my friends."

— J.G.

"I believe my case was handled with honesty, compassion and skill. David Roth and his staff were always professional, available, and pleasant. My husband and I believe David worked very hard to bring this claim to a satisfactory conclusion. I would unhesitatingly recommend David's services. Many thanks!"

— Kathleen Wahl

"Everything was handled in a professional way. Very satisfied."

— Angela McQuarter

"Me and my entire family would like to say thank you for a great effort that you and your crew showed on my case."

— Negash Asmeret

"I am definitely satisfied with your office. As far as I am concerned, your office should never do anything differently. Your staff and you, Mr. Roth, are superior. "

— Cynthia Alexander

"I am impressed by the professionalism and honesty the lawyer showed from the beginning. I am happy that we didn't have to struggle with the other company to get a settlement. I believe the other company was presented the facts correctly and due to the professional manner and experience of David Roth — we got a great settlement! "

— S.G.

"I didn't sink or swim. You kept me afloat. Great job done, words can't say enough. To one special super lawyer with a conscience."

— Marsha Stout

"I would like to thank Attorney David Roth and his staff. All my questions were answered. You all have done an excellent job for me."

— Getahun K. Adare

"The settlement is great!! I sure am happy about that. Thank you, David, for everything, and for handling my case. The rapport we had is how attorney-clients should be. You are the greatest. When I was down or just needed an ear, you were there. It had been a long four years. Thank you so much. God bless you."

— April

" I want to take the time to thank you for your expertise in representing me in my claim.

In all our conversations and meetings, I found you interested, concerned about my case. Through all of the problems you were available to listen and be of a valued assistance to me.

I have complete confidence in your skills as my lawyer. And with your earned honor I complement you and thank you for your devoted council. "

— Barbara Ellicott

"Dear Mr. Roth & Sheila,

The way you handled and settled my 2 accident claims, I am very much satisfied and particularly I want to thank you and Madam Sheila for the kind cooperation given by both of you during this time.

Kindly try to remain in touch. I would certainly like to recommend your name, in case any of my friends are in need and looking out for an attorney."

— Avtar Singh Sokhey

"I would tell my friends and family about your services if I ever need a lawyer again. I would definitely call you again. Thank you so much for your help!"

— Heidi Levine

"I wanted to thank you for taking my auto accident case and settling it for me. It had become such an albatross around my neck. What a relief to let it go. I very much appreciate the time and effort you and your staff put into getting a good personal injury settlement. "

— Jeannie DeSmet

"Thank you for recently taking time to discuss our claim with State Farm. Although you weren't able to take our case, you armed us with much valuable information that helped us settle favorably. Your help was invaluable and we wont hesitate to recommend you as Keri Secord recommended you to us. Many thanks for your help."

— Dan and Ada Cole

"Even though this is months past I am writing to express my gratitude for all of your help over the last two years."

— Daniel Strauss

"I would be happy to refer David again (and already have) and to employ his services again if needed (hopefully not). He was very professional and patient with me with all of my questions."

— Mary McDermott

"Mr. Roth,

Thank you so much for all you have done to help out with my legal situation. You and your team really made the entire process a lot easier on myself and family. I appreciate everything you have done. You were very professional and conducted everything in an organized and timely manner. I will highly recommend you to all others for their future needs. Thank you so much again."

Jennifer L.

"I have now used David Roth's services for three different cases. Each time, he fairly and accurately assessed the strengths and weaknesses of each case and obtained a fair, if not generous, settlement. Using his services gave me the opportunity to relieve the stress of dealing with insurance adjustors and concentrate my energy on healing my body. David was helpful in recommending practitioners I hadn't thought to try which further aided my healing. As an attorney, David is very practical, organized, and follows through in a timely manner. I have already recommended him to friends and colleagues, and would hire him again if the need arises."

— Susan G.

"Thank you for the update Sheila, and thank you all for helping my sister and I with this car accident ordeal. I appreciate your prompt replies and assistance!"

— Elina

"Sending my thanks to you for your work on my suit against the city.
I appreciate your efforts in securing some recompense for my injuries"

-- Thank you, Debby Corr

"Thank you again for all you have done. Your help made a big difference!"

-- P.H.