Motorcyclists face much higher risks for being on the road than drivers of cars and trucks. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are 6 times more likely to be killed in motor vehicle accident than occupants of passenger cars (based on 2011 data).

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Q: What are common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Answer: The most common causes for motor cycle accidents are inattentive drivers (i.e. as they change lanes or pull out onto the street), debris in the road, road designs or conditions that are defective or in disrepair, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and reckless driving.

Q: What should I do if I am involved in a motorcycle accident that is not my fault?

Answer: Immediately after the accident occurs, you should contact police and medics to process the incident and treat any injuries (visible or not). You and other parties involved in the accident should exchange information (insurance, identification and contact information), and as soon as you can, you should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer to help with your case.

Q: How should I respond if my loved one is killed in a motor cycle accident where they were not at fault?

Answer: You may be entitled to a wrongful death claim for your loved one’s casualty, depending on the circumstances of the motor cycle accident. Therefore, you should get legal assistance and counsel from a personal injury attorney as soon as you can, since statutes of limitations may apply and affect your eligibility to file a claim.

Q: What kinds of damages can I recover if I am injured in a motor cycle accident?

Answer: If you or a loved one is injured in a motorcycle accident where you are not at fault, you could receive damages. Some of the damages you may be able to claim include medical bills associated with the accident, lost wages for time off work to recover, mental and emotional pain or distress, repairs and transportation costs for your motorcycle, and others.

Q: How can I protect myself as a motorcyclist?

Answer: Always wear a helmet, since it is the most important way you can protect yourself as you ride. Wearing protective clothing can also improve your safety. Always be sure to follow traffic laws and speed limits.

Q: How can a motor cycle accident lawyer help me?

Answer: A personal injury attorney and motorcycle lawyer can significantly increase the chances of getting compensation for the damages you sustain in a motorcycle accident. The more experience and knowledge your lawyer has, the better your odds for receiving maximum recompense.