How to Avoid Personal Injury Liability in Winter

Cold weather in winter leads to icy surfaces, fire hazards, and other personal injury liabilities that can be avoided. With just a little bit of preparation and some safe choices, you can significantly reduce your liability for personal injury to yourself, loved ones, and even strangers this holiday season.

Avoid personal injury liability with these steps:

  • Shovel snow and scrape ice. When and if it snows in Seattle, it’s important to get out there and shovel it away within 24 hours of snowfall. If left in drifts on sidewalks and your driveway, you could be liable if someone slips and falls on your property. If melting snow turns to ice and your walkways are slippery, use sand, kitty litter, or some other anti-ice material to minimize or eradicate ice.
  • Drive safely and defensively. The roads will get icy whether there’s snowfall this winter or not, so make a progressive effort to drive safely. Many accidents during the winter occur because a driver is overconfident with their ability to navigate icy roads. Keep your speed down, do not text or talk on the phone when driving, and drive defensively.
  • Beware of holiday shopping liabilities. While you might feel anxious and rushed with holiday errands, don’t allow that to affect your judgment. Don’t drive when weather is inclement, and let go of conflicts with holiday shoppers. Choosing safety first will help you to avoid personal injury liability.
  • Prevent fire and minimize hazards. The cold weather might demand the use of heaters to stay warm, so stay alert to their risks. Never leave heaters on when you are not present to monitor them, and make sure that your heater is not in contact with any flammable material (drapes, bedding, etc.). Holiday lights and decorations can also be a fire hazard. Use surge protectors to avoid electrical fires, and remember to turn off Christmas lights when they will be unattended.

Remember that if you do find yourself liable for personal injury, or you have been injured yourself as a result of someone else’s negligence; the Law Offices of David S. Roth is here to help you navigate your case for the best possible outcome.

Have a safe holiday season!