What to do in a Boating Accident

A weekend out of the lake comes with certain risks. In the event of any type of accident, keeping a cool head and thinking logically is important to prevent further injury or damage. But these tips in particular can help negate further catastrophe in a boating accident: What to Do Immediately Following a Boating Accident If your...
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What to Do in a Bicycle Accident with a Car

Here are some suggestions in the event you are involved with a collision  with a motor vehicle while operating a bike:
  1. Call the police. It is important to document the circumstances of the collision. Insurance carriers often rely on police reports in their determination of legal liability.
  2. Exchange Driver and Witness Contact Information. Make sure to obtain...
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August 2014 Personal Injury News

Personal injury can occur as a result of a vehicle accident, unsafe premises, practices defective products, and more. Learn more about the current events in local personal injury news in this summary… Local Lawsuits A suit filed in the U.S. District Court alleges that inmates of the Franklin County jail in the Tri-Cities are subjected to...
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